Hamstring Strain or Tear

Hamstring Pain

Hamstring Strain or Tear


The hamstring consists of three muscle groups, including the semimembranosus, semitendinousus, and the biceps femoris. A hamstring strain occurs when excessive or repetitive stress causes tearing of the muscle fibers in the hamstring.


Tight hamstring muscles, muscle imbalance, sudden movement, and repetitive strain are all common types of hamstring injuries.


A sharp pain may be felt in the hamstring when a serious strain or tear occurs. This often happens during such action as an explosive move in basketball or a quick sprint. If you feel a deep ache in the hamstring area it may be a less severe strain or minor tear.


See a medical professional for an evaluation. Rest leg as much as possible and ice after any activity to promote healing. Use brace when participating in any strenuous activity to reduce stress to area.Stretch the hamstring muscles as long as stretching causes no pain. Click for Hamstring Stretch

Click for Hamstring Stretch