Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Relieve Tight Muscles. Increase Blood Flow. Shorten Recovery.

Foam Rollers

A form of self-myfascial release, foam rolling gives you the ability to aid your overworked muscles. When muscles are overworked, the soft tissue known as the fascia becomes inflamed and thick, which you feel as tight, sore muscles. By using a foam roller, you can break up that soft tissue and help revert muscles back to their normal state. Foam rolling is ideal for improving posture and releasing tense muscles. Roll over a painful area using your body weight and hold for up to two minutes to release pressure. Great for use on back, hamstrings, IT band and calves.Contoured Foam Roller

Mobility Balls

Small but mighty, mobility balls or “massage balls” are perfect for a deeper tissue massage using your body weight. They differ from foam rollers

because they can be rolled in a circular motion and help dig deeper into smaller areas for single point myfascial release. They can range in size and some are also heatable. Great for traveling with or bringing in your gym bag to use post-workout. Click here to read our informative blog post on how to choose the right mobility ball for you and how to use it.

Spiky Ball

Roller Massagers

Handheld Roller Massagers such as the RM Extreme provide a controlled deep tissue massage. Using both hands, rather than body weight, you can control the compression level towards a specific target area. A roller massager with a contoured surface effectively wraps around body parts and the end of the handle can be used for “triggerpoint” single point myofascial release.

RM Extreme

Giving yourself a massage after exercising feels great, reduces pain and help muscles recover. With numerous massage options for you to choose from, Pro-Tec is here to provide you with the tools to keep your body flexible and strong.

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