Benefits of Heat for Recovery of Muscles, Joints and Connective Tissue

Overview by Dr. M. A. Cohen D.Ac. D.C.
All rights reserved 2020.

Scientific research over 60 years has proven the benefits of heat for tissue recovery.

The main findings are:

  • Increased blood and lymph circulation improving removal of cellular waste metabolites,
  • Physical expansion of tissue cellular structures,
  • Parasympathetic nervous system activation creating a measurable central nervous system relaxation response,
  • Enhanced user experience as users prefer sensation of heat on tender areas vs. cold or room temperature and will therefore sustain pressure on a heated object for far longer than a cold or room temperature item.

Taken together these changes lead to a significantly improved end user experience that features:

  • improved user compliance,
  • improved injury healing times,
  • enhanced athletic performance,
  • improved tissue elasticity,
  • decreased pain sensitivity,
  • decreased risk of tissue re-injury.

The technology has been patented and is now commercially available to utilize HEATABLE self-care tools. Given the proven positive benefits, HEATABLE self-care tools are recommended for common musculoskeletal complaints.

They are contra-indicated in cases of fracture, infection and neo-plasm.

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