The Lift


Patellar Tendon Support

General Application:

The Lift alleviates pain associated with:

Design Theory

  • Combines benefits of a patellar tendon strap with the warmth and compression of a knee sleeve.
  • Infrapatellar elastic strap allows user to control amount of compression on infrapatellar buttress.
  • Infrapatellar buttress provides a gentle lift to patella (knee), relieving pressure.
  • Sleeve provides compression and warmth. This promotes circulation and can enhance the healing process.

Sizing Chart

Measure circumference just above patella. (If between sizes, order one size up)

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  • Compression Sleeve and Open Knee Design
    The sleeve provides warmth and promotes circulation, enhancing the healing process. The open patella design is to keep unwarranted pressure off of the knee cap.
  • Infrapatellar Buttress
    Compression is placed uniformly across the patellar tendon, reducing discomfort and irritation. Elastic strap over the buttress provides a gentle lift to patella.

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