X-Trac Knee Support


General Application

The X-Trac is designed to alleviate symptoms of:

Design Theory

  • The X-Trac Knee Support provides compression directly on the patellar and quadriceps tendon.
  • EVA Compression pads helps stabilize patella (knee cap), by improving tracking.
  • Made from premium quality materials to enhance comfort and durability.

Sizing Chart

Measure circumference 1″ above the top of patella (knee cap).

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  • Open Design
    Velcro attaches in front of the open knee design for ease of compression adjustment.
  • Designed for Comfort
    EVA Compression pads offer comfortable compression.
  • On the Go
    The X-Trac is designed to be worn while you are walking or running to alleviate pain while being active.
  • Custom Compression Level
    Inner velcro squares allow user to attach dual straps. The user then gets an extra stretch to desired level of compression before adding final velcro strip.

How It Works

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