Shin Splints Compression Wrap


General Application:

  • The Shin Splints Compression Wrap is designed to alleviate symptoms of Shin Splints (both tibial stress syndrome and anterior shin splints).
  • Directional wrap applies gentle pressure on soft tissue next to the tibia (shin bone), helping prevent additional tearing of the soft tissue away from the tibia.
  • Contoured EVA foam applies targeted, effective compression.
  • Compression reduces additional damage, while alleviating pain and enhancing the healing process.
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  • Directional Wrap
    Directional wrap pushes the soft tissue up against the bone, to keep it from tearing and causing shin splints pain.
  • Targeted Compression & Comfort
    Contoured EVA Compression Pad allows user to target compression directly on the area of pain. Heat sealed pad cover eliminates stitching creating a lower profile and more comfortable support.

How It Works

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