3D Flat Calf Support


General Application:

  • The 3D Flat Calf Support is recommended for minor to moderate calf tightness and strains.
  • Made from Flat Stitching Technology. This allows customized stitching to achieve 3D shaping of the fabric for a optimum fit.
  • 3D Fit contours to calf area to provide compression and support.
  • Breathable, multi-directional stretch allows full range of motion while maintaining high level of support.

Sizing Chart

Measure circumference at mid calf muscle.

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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Measurement for Sizing

Circumference at mid calf muscle

body part



Moderate Calf Sprain/Tear


Breathable knit fabric


  • Breathable
    3D Calf Support breaths and is suitable for warm weather. The knit design provides effective compression without restricting range of motion. It is designed to be worn while you are walking or running to alleviate pain while being active.
  • 3D Shaping for Optimum Fit
    Designed with 3D Shaping, rather than standard flat stitching. 3D Flat stitching allows custom levels of compression throughout the brace, creating a more anatomically designed support.

How It Works