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Scott Jurek

World renowned ultramarathon champion

  • 2 time Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc champion
  • International & NY Times bestselling author of EAT & RUN
  • Vegan chef & star of bestseller BORN TO RUN.

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Sasha DiGiulian

Professional Climber

  • Female Overall World Champion
  • Reigning Pan-American Champion
  • 3-time U.S. National Champion

Gina Lucrezi

Trail Ultra Runner

  • 2015 Black Canyon 100k – Mayer, AZ 3rd
  • 2015 Cimarron 50k – 1st New CR of 4:41
  • 2014 Silver Rush 50 mile – Leadville,CO – 1st

Krissy Moehl

Ultra trail runner

  • 2 time Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc champion
  • 2014 Run the Rann 100k tie 1st
  • 2013 Ultra Trail Mount Fuji champion

Tim Smyczek

Professional Tennis Player

  • career-high singles ranking of World No. 68 in April 2015
  • Recognized by ESPN for sportsmanship in 2015 Nadal Match
  • Has won five Challenger Titles

Alex Johnson

Professional Climber

  • Five-Time United States National Champion
  • Gold Medal 2013 Asia Outdoor Open, Nanjing, China
  • Silver Medal 2013 The North Face Cup, Santiago, Chile


Pro-Tec really makes great products.  I wear a lot of their wraps, use the Pro-Tec Roller Massager, and the Foam Rollers.  All the Pro-Tec products really help me to stay in top shape for optimal performance!"

Rodney Martin
Beijing Olympian - U.S. Track and Field

I love Pro-Tec Athletics! They have a wide variety of things to choose from in order to keep you out of the state of injury. My personal favorites are the firm foam roller and roller massager. They both are pretty awesome in regards to getting me stretched out before and after practice. With just these two things it makes  a big difference in how I feel. I use the firm foam roller before practice to keep my hammys and quads from tensing up, and the roller massage stick after to get all of the knots out. They really both come in handy."

Terry Washington
Star Running Back - Colorado Ice, IFC

Faster recovery, improved range of motion, and enhanced performance are just a few results of using the cutting edge equipment of Pro-Tec. I confidently and consistently recommend their products to my patients to help achieve excellent outcomes. My patients and I couldn't be happier."

Dr. Eric Greenspan, MA
Chiropractic Health Group PC
President, Whitesel Pro Therapy, Inc.

I've found Pro-Tec products to be a great addition in my patient care and they are very patient compatible."

Jim Whitesel, MS ATC
Seattle Seahawks Head Trainer 1976 - 1998

I use the Highly Effective Y Roller in my training and recommend it routinely in my massage practice to my clients. This roller is much more than about “rolling”.  The Y Roller is an outstanding tool bar none."

Gregory Babiak, LMT
Owner of Peak Form Massage, PA

Pro-Tec Athletics offers the most effective and comfortable orthopedic braces and supports. Our athletes are asking for them by name. More specifically, we have found the Shin Splints Compression Wrap to be very efficient in its ability to alleviate conditions of medial and anterior shin splints."

Sharon Allanson, ATC
(19 years experience) Hamilton College Clinton, NY

I recommend Pro-Tec knee supports, far and above the rest, to any athlete or person with chronic knee pain. The Knee Pro-Tec allows plenty of mobility and still does the job, the Short Sleeve gives me the warmth and compression I need, and The Lift is a great combination of both!"

Dax Holdren
#1 ranked professional volleyball player, AVP Tour 2001

I strongly recommend the Elbow Power Strap and Knee Pro-Tec, by Pro-Tec Athletics, above any other similar products on the market."

Gary Sato, DC
Gold Medal U.S. Volleyball Team Trainer

As an avid walker and tennis player, I was having problems with Plantar Fasciitis. I am thrilled with relief I have felt with the Arch Pro-Tec and I want to thank you so much."

Roz Berk
Avid Walker and Tennis Player

"It is my opinion that the Knee Pro-Tec is the best patellar tendon strap available today. Our sales of the Knee Pro-Tec have outpaced its competition three to one!"

Joe Shipman
The Brace Center

"I have tried many knee supports in the past, but never have I experienced the positive results that the The Lift knee support, by Pro-Tec Athletics, provides. It should be a product made available to everybody. I am recommending it to my workout buddies."

Mark Renison
40 year old Basketball Weekend Warrior

"I have found the Pro-Tec Athletics' Achilles Tendon Strap to be the most effective Achilles tendon strap available on the market today."

Clint Rogers
Collegiate Volleyball Competitor

"I just bought your IT Band Wrap, and let me just say this thing is AMAZING. I've had pain for over 6 months - and have not been able to run at all. It's been killing me. No stretching or physical therapy worked. I just tested this wrap today - went for a run and I had no pain at all! I'm gonna have to buy a bunch of them. But please don't ever stop making these. You've made me a very very happy man. Definitely a rating of 10 (or more)."

Gregory Shapiro
Pro-Tec Customer