What is “injurybegone?”

Injurybegone is Pro-Tec Athletics’ message to the market. We want you to get back in the action NOW!  well…….at least sooner than later. So we have made a point to sell more than just a product on the shelf. Most of our products include Injury Guides that help you identify your injury, and then provide some stretching and strengthening exercises to expedite your recovery. 

In addition, our customer service team is well versed in the Pro-Tec product line and how it may help you. You can talk to us at trade shows, call or email us or do your own research throughout our website to figure what will work best for you.

So look for our “injurybegone” slogan everywhere and know that Pro-Tec Athletics is prepared to do what it takes to keep you injury free, “supporting” your active lifestyle!