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Posterior Knee Pain

Medical Definition: Pain associated with conditions of posterior meniscal tear,
popliteus tendonitis or lower hamstring tear. Pain may be caused by
a variety of other conditions, including peroneal or tibial nerve entrapment.

Excessive running or any activity causing repetitive strain to the area.
Activities which include explosive leg and foot action may also cause
strain, resulting in a tear to the tendons or soft tissue.


Meniscus tear - increased pain in back of knee with deep knee flexion.
Popliteus tendonitis- Pain behind knee during running.
Nerve entrapment - Tenderness and pain over entrapment region.

Recommended Treatment:
Reduce activity to promote healing. Ice to reduce any related inflammation and enhance the healing process. Wearing a compression wrap during activity may reduce stress to area. As with any orthopedic injury, see a medical professional for a complete evaluation.

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